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The Pregnancy Story

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body

Elizabeth Stone

The decision to start a family is a very personal choice, If you have read my 30 before 30 list, You will know I was very clear that I wanted to start our family before I turned 30. I still remember clearly the day we decided to start trying… It was a bright sunny day in the month of June, we were on our vacation to Cuba. After having a few rounds of cocktails here and there we got into a serious discussion on family and how life would be with kids. That very moment taking a dip into the Caribbean sea we knew we were doing it very soon.

Our Pregnancy Story

After spending a great time during that vacation, talking about it here and there we decided to not start trying immediately but also not be over-cautious, we were ready to give our body enough time to let things role naturally. That month I was late, I have never had a cycle late so it was extremely hard not to consider that I was already pregnant!! We took the test…. -ve! we waited for a few more days still no sign of the missing bloody period! Finally, we saw our family doctor who then explained to me that I was actually not pregnant and this situation could happen at times, But I had already googled like a million things.. Honestly all the negative things.

I was convinced that maybe like a million other couples, we would not be able to conceive without trying for a long time or even go through some kind of treatment. I am an over-thinker so obviously I was discouraged and sad, At this point, my husband stepped up and convinced me to let go of the whole idea for now. I followed him!

We were not really trying the month I actually conceived, We still don’t actually know how it happened ( We were not being careful either), but the month after, I was late but not bothered until 10 days! I was sure it wasn’t pregnancy but then I just took the test, and there it was the two pink lines!! That very moment our world had gone all topsy turvy and the message was clear, God does work his magic in his unique ways. We saw our family doctor, called our family and the journey to a beautiful chapter begun.

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