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My Pregnancy must-haves- Survival guide!!

Pregnancy is going to alter your thinking forever, it is going to make you realize how fragile and important life is and why it must be protected at all costs! Being pregnant for 39 weeks and postpartum for 5+ months I believe I am in a good place to give you an insight on how things went for me, what helped and what did not, hoping it might help some of you who are just starting this roller coaster ride!

Pregnancy Must-Haves

I will describe being pregnant as the only time in my life when I was happy feeling crappy! I kid you not!!

My first trimester was a total nightmare, I was puking my guts out, sleeping through the day and night and had major food aversion for everything I actually loved eating pre-pregnancy! Leaving the house was almost impossible for me because the smell on the street would kill me! But like most situations, Your body and mind will develop a coping mechanism so did mine!

The second trimester was definitely the honeymoon phase, all my drained energy had suddenly been restored, my body was definitely seeing big changes including my sometimes leaky boobs and ever-growing belly. I started feeling normal again, in fact, I started actually enjoying the pregnancy! This time was full of maternity shopping, starting of my nesting mode, Also this was high time for this DIY loving mommy (read crocheting baby booties). The appetite was back with small peaks of cravings here and there!

The third trimester was the rough ride I wasn’t prepared for! It started all easy and breezy and then went south! Cravings got super real! The Itching was at its peak and the swelling of my feet was crazy to a point where I actually had to borrow Mr. Husbands’ footwear! Yikes

Here is my list of pregnancy must-haves that got me through the 9months of the roller coaster ride.

  1. Crackers- In the First trimester when I could not keep anything in my tummy and I needed to eat but could not, Mary’s Organic original saved me!
  2. Aromatherapy – My must-have was the peppermint essential oil.
  3. Sour Candy – I loved the Guava flavor one from my local Asian grocery store.
  4. Tums Chew bites– These were great for my acid reflux.
  5. Hydroflask– Water was and still is the most important thing to help you and the little growing babe out there!
  6. Prenatal Vitamins– I used the Kirkland ones from my local Costco.
  7. Pregnancy support pillow- If not for these I could not have slept through the night! My favorite was the Snoogle one.
  8. Body butter – I used various body butter including the raw shea butter ones, Love my favorite Body shop body butter in general.
  9. Maternity Bra/ Nursing Bra- I loved the Thyme maternity bras both the maternity and the nursing ones.
  10. Maternity Leggings- These became essentials right at the beginning of the second trimester, I loved these ones from H&M and Old Navy.
  11. Maternity Jeans- A must-have if you are a jeans fanatic, from GAP
  12. Maternity clothing- I had to splurge on maternity clothing in both the second and third trimester. These actually worked postpartum and some of it still does! My favorite brands were Old Navy for dresses, H&M for tops and dressy stuff, And GAP overall.

Tell me what was the one thing that got you through your pregnancy, And if you have been contemplating being pregnant, maybe this blog post could change your mind.


  • Lacey

    I didnt have one, but a pregnancy pillow. I know they are super ugly, but after I hit that 7 month mark I needed one so bad. After my c-section my victorias secret sweatpants were everything. That was 12 years ago and I swear they dont make them like they used too. P.S. after I hit 30 is when I really started to love life and love who I was! I love your 30 before 30! Really awesome blog post!

    • pragya

      aww Thank you, for visiting my blog and your comment. I know what you mean by that! That ugly preg pillow is now like a couch for my dog n cat! They love it!! 😛

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