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DIY Wall Sconce – Ikea Hack

Happy New year my reader friends, Welcome to the very first Post of 2020! I had recently posted one of my DIY projects on my Instagram stories which led to quite a few people appreciating and wanting to know about my quick DIY project, Thus this post!

I am a home decor enthusiast and 2019 has been a very creative year home wise. If you follow decor trends you already know how popular these wall sconces have been in the past few years! But these scones can be really expensive!

To get started you just need three of those things, and if you are on a budget like I was, trying to find them at a thrift store or Ikea as is a would-be so perfect !!

IKEA Hack – DIY Wall Sconce


Step by step instruction

  1. Mark your spot as to where you possibly want the light to go, drill in the wall, add drywall plug to secure n then screw the bracket in place!
  2. Next, you want to use your cord and wrap it around the bracket several times to secure and suspend your light fixture like a lamp.
  3. Finally screw the light bulb, secure the cord into the power outlet and tada… your very own wall sconces is ready to light up your life. using some chalk paint you can even revamp the look of the bracket!

Handy Tips

  • Using some chalk paint you can even revamp the look of the bracket.
  • The kind of light bulb you find will define the look of your sconce, so look at all the lighting options before you buy one!
  • Go for a warm dim light ad without a shade a regular 60-watt bulb can be too much!!
Home decor to accent my Diy wall sconce

Let me know down in the comments if you are going to attempt this DIY or if you want to see more DIYs from me!!

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