30 Before 30

Getting older has been amazing to me, With every passing year I discover myself more and to be honest I believe age is just a number. You are never too old or too young to chase your dream. Then you must wonder why all of a sudden I am making a bucket list. Well to hold myself accountable – Here is a list of the thirty things that I must absolutely complete by the time I reach thirty.

30 Before 30 – My Bucket list

1. Start a blog and stick to it.

2. Learn photography.

3. Travel through Europe.

4. Start dancing again

5. Build my personal style

6. Start a Family

7. Take serious care of my Hair

8. Take serious care of my skin

9. Work my way towards living a healthy lifestyle.

10. Have a glass of Champagne

11. Take up a course

12. Take a weekend trip all by myself

13. Invest in a timeless handbag

14. Start believing in myself much more

15. Start saving

16. Get my first Tattoo

17. Go on a trekking/ camping with Dad in making.

18. Spend a night stargazing with Mr husband.

19. Start watching Ice hockey.

20. Post-OOTD for a full week, Getting over body consciousness.

21. Own a car.

22. Go on a no-buy for an entire month.

23. Post a YouTube video chatting, overcoming Camera shyness.

24. Get Social, Make at least 5 new friends offline.

25. Take a really long road trip.

26. Reconnect with an old friend.

27. Go on a beach vacation.

28. build my perfume collection.

29. Grown my nails and get mani on a regular basis.

30. Do it somewhere new :p.

I am not too far from reaching 30… I better get going!!