About Me

HOLA, I’m Pragya, thanks for visiting my blog!

I launched this website to document my journey of motherhood. This new mom is a creative junky who loves DIYing things when not writing or clicking zillion pictures of my baby girl. I love life and believe in living it every second of the day. My creative drive has taken me places from graduating with a degree in Accessory Design to learning sculpting, making jewelry and so much more, I am a proud wife, new human mom and mommy of 2 fur babies! Yes, I am trying to live all my dreams at one time. I am a fond traveler and a beginner photographer ll! You’ll always see me clicking pictures mostly of my 3 babies!!

I write about mommy-hood along with little bits and pieces of lifestyle/ Fashion/ Travel and everything in between.

My favorite part of blogging is discovering and sharing motherhood, beauty & style secrets. I love interacting with readers and other bloggers – please leave me a comment – I respond to each and every one of them!